Techs: Which Cause or Remove Haste – 1 shown
Name Character MP
The element of the tech's damage; all techs are either magical and deal elemental damage, or deal physical damage like a standard attack
The status effects granted, inflicted, or removed by this tech
Whether the tech targets allies or enemies, and its area of effect; Area target techs hit the chosen enemy and any other enemies in its vicinity; Nearby target techs work like Area target techs, except the effect is centered on the tech user; Line target techs hit the chosen enemy, every enemy on a line between the tech user and that enemy, and in some cases any enemies on that line past the chosen target; Horizontal target techs hit the chosen enemy and any other enemies at the same level of the screen horizontally
The amount of TP required to learn this tech; this amount is only counted once the character has learned the previous tech in sequence; Known techs are already available when the character joins your party; Taught techs are gained when the character first meets Spekkio
✩Haste Marle 6 - Haste Single Ally Cut ally's wait time by 1/2 250
Armor: Which Grants or Prevents Haste – 1 shown
Unique armors can only be found as treasure or in other limited fashions; rare armors can also be dropped by or charmed from non-boss monsters; starting armors are weak but cannot be found except when given to new party members
The base bonus to physical defense granted by this armor weapon; the higher this number, the less damage a character takes from normal attacks
The element this armor offers protection against
The status ailments this armor prevents, or the status benefits it grants
The cost to buy this armor in a shop, if it is available for sale; some armor can be earned in trade rather than bought
The value of an armor when sold to a shop; not all armor can be sold
Description Equipped By
Haste Helm Helmet 35 - Haste - 6,000 G 50% less time between attacks Any Character