Techs – 56 shown
Name Character MP
The element of the tech's damage; all techs are either magical and deal elemental damage, or deal physical damage like a standard attack
The status effects granted, inflicted, or removed by this tech
Whether the tech targets allies or enemies, and its area of effect; Area target techs hit the chosen enemy and any other enemies in its vicinity; Nearby target techs work like Area target techs, except the effect is centered on the tech user; Line target techs hit the chosen enemy, every enemy on a line between the tech user and that enemy, and in some cases any enemies on that line past the chosen target; Horizontal target techs hit the chosen enemy and any other enemies at the same level of the screen horizontally
The amount of TP required to learn this tech; this amount is only counted once the character has learned the previous tech in sequence; Known techs are already available when the character joins your party; Taught techs are gained when the character first meets Spekkio
Provoke Marle 1 - Chaos Single Enemy Confuse enemy 50
✩Life Crono 10 - Death Single Ally Bring ally back to life 400
Kiss Ayla 1 - All Single Ally HP(Some) & Status restored 10
✩Black Hole Magus 15 - Death Nearby Power of Life/Death 900
✩Haste Marle 6 - Haste Single Ally Cut ally's wait time by 1/2 250
✩Magic Wall Magus 8 - Magic Wall Single Ally Ups ally's Mag. Def 400
✩Protect Lucca 6 - Protect Single Ally Ups ally's phys. def. 250
Hypno Wave Lucca 1 - Sleep All Enemies Put enemies to sleep 60
Cyclone Crono 2 Physical - Nearby Spin-cut nearby enemies 5
Spincut Crono 4 Physical - Single Enemy 2x damage 200
Confuse Crono 12 Physical - Single Enemy Attack enemy w/ Confuse 4 times 800
Slurp Cut Frog 2 Physical - Single Enemy Snag and slash enemy 15
Leap Slash Frog 4 Physical - Single Enemy Leap-slash an enemy 250
Frog Squash Frog 15 Physical - All Enemies Low HP = greater damage 1,000
RocketPunch Robo 1 Physical - Single Enemy Punch enemy Known
Robo Tackle Robo 4 Physical - Single Enemy Tackle enemy 150
Uzzi Punch Robo 12 Physical - Single Enemy Hit enemy w/ Multi-Punch 600
Rollo Kick Ayla 2 Physical - Single Enemy Rollo kick an enemy 60
Cat Attack Ayla 3 Physical - Single Enemy A savage cat attack 100
Rock Throw Ayla 4 Physical - Single Enemy Stone an enemy 200
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