Combo Techs: Which Require ✩Ice – 5 shown
Double techs are combinations of techs performed by two characters; triple techs are combinations of techs performed by three characters; special techs are triple techs that require unique accessories to perform
The characters that combine to use this tech, including which techs they must know to learn the combination, and how much MP is required by each character
The element of the tech's damage; all techs are either magical and deal elemental damage, or deal physical damage like a standard attack
The status effects granted, inflicted, or removed by this tech
Whether the tech targets allies or enemies, and its area of effect; Area target techs hit the chosen enemy and any other enemies in its vicinity; Nearby target techs work like Area target techs, except the effect is centered on the tech user; Line target techs hit the chosen enemy, every enemy on a line between the tech user and that enemy, and in some cases any enemies on that line past the chosen target; Horizontal target techs hit the chosen enemy and any other enemies at the same level of the screen horizontally
Some combination techs cannot be performed normally, and require at least one party member to have a particular accessory equipped before they become available
Ice Sword Crono (Spincut, 4 MP)
Marle (✩Ice, 2 MP)
Water - Single Enemy Ice Sword attack / single -
Antipode Marle (✩Ice, 2 MP)
Lucca (✩Fire, 2 MP)
Shadow - Area Attack enemies w/ Antipode -
Ice Water Marle (✩Ice, 2 MP)
Frog (✩Water, 2 MP)
Water - All Enemies Attack enemies w/ Ice Water -
Ice Tackle Marle (✩Ice, 2 MP)
Robo (Robo Tackle, 4 MP)
Water - Single Enemy Attack enemy w/ Glacier -
Ice Toss Marle (✩Ice, 2 MP)
Ayla (Rock Throw, 4 MP)
Water - Area Attack enemy w/ Ice Toss -