Items of Interest: Mystile – 3 shown
Item Type
Whether this item can be found or collected multiple times
Area Screen Details
Mystile Item No Midgar Mako Cannon Midgar, Sector 8 (Base of the Sister Ray) Open the top chest in the southern area
Mystile Item No Northern Cave Inside Northern Cave (Rock Pillar) Open the chest west of the bottom of the pillar (unless found by Tifa)
Mystile Item No Northern Cave Bottom of Nothern Cave (Party) Given by Tifa if she is sent right (and not with Cloud, game calls it Mythril)
Characters: Who Can Use Mystile – 10 shown
Optional characters must be recruited outside of the main plot; temporary characters do not permanently stay in the party
Starting Equipment Job Weapon Age Birthday Birthplace Blood Type Height
Aeris Gainsborough Guard Stick, Bronze Bangle Flower Merchant Rod 22 February 7 ??? O 5"3'
Barret Wallace Gatling Gun, Bronze Bangle Leader of AVALANCHE Gun-arm 35 December 15 Corel Village O 6"4'
Cait Sith Yellow M-phone (Manipulate Materia, Transform Materia), Silver Armlet Toysaurus Megaphone ??? ??? ??? ??? 3"2'
Cid Highwind Spear, Gold Armlet Pilot Spear 32 February 22 ??? B 5"8'
Cloud Strife Buster Sword (Ice Materia, Lightning Materia), Bronze Bangle Mercenary (ex-member of SOLDIER) Sword 21 August 19 Nibelheim AB 5"7'
Cloud Strife Buster Sword (Pre-Emptive Materia), Iron Bangle, Power Wrist SOLDIER Sword 16 August 19 Nibelheim AB 5"7'
Red XIII Mythril Clip (Fire Materia, All Materia), Mythril Armlet (Sense Materia) Beast Headdress 48 ??? Cosmo Canyon ??? 3"9'
Tifa Lockheart Leather Glove, Bronze Bangle Bar Hostess, AVALANCHE member Glove 20 May 3 Nibelheim B 5"4'
Vincent Valentine Quicksilver, Silver Armlet Unemployed Gun 27 October 13 ??? A 6"
Yuffie Kisaragi 4-point Shuriken (Throw Materia), Carbon Bangle Materia Hunter, Ninja Knife, boomerang, origami (for throwing) 16 November 20 Wutai A 5"2'