Characters – 14 shown
Hidden characters can only be recruited under special circumstancs; DLC characters are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Each character specializes in one or two of the three basic skill areas; the skills are combat, tech, and biotics
The character's base health score; this number can be modified by powers and upgrades
The character's alternate defense type and strength; this number can be modified by powers and upgrades
Each character begins at rank 1 in their primary power; they may begin at rank 1 in their secondary power, or it may be locked, meaning squad points may not be spent on that power until their primary power has reached rank 2; initially locked powers are indicated by bold text
Active Powers
Each character has a unique passive class power that grants them a variety of bonuses
Class Power
When a character is loyal, they gain access to an additional active power; when starting a new game or using the Retrain Powers upgrade, Commander Shepard can select any one previously earned loyalty power as a bonus power; these powers are locked, as indicated by bold text
Loyalty Power
The types of weapons that this character is able to use
The mission or area where this character is first recruited
The mission where you can gain this character's loyalty; this character must be present during the mission
Loyalty Mission
ZaeedDLC Combat 200 Shield 250 Concussive Shot
Disruptor Ammo
Mercenary Veteran Inferno Grenade Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Omega - Merchant District The Price of Revenge
Legion Tech 200 Geth Shield 350 AI Hacking
Combat Drone
Geth Infiltrator Geth Shield Boost Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Reaper IFF A House Divided
Samara Biotic 200 Barrier 250 Throw
Asari Justicar Reave Submachine Gun
Assault Rifle
Dossier: The Justicar The Ardat-Yakshi
Morinth Biotic 200 Barrier 250 Throw
Ardat Yakshi Dominate Assault Rifle
Submachine Gun
Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi The Ardat-Yakshi
Tali Tech 200 Shield 250 Combat Drone
AI Hacking
Quarian Machinist Energy Drain Heavy Pistol
Dossier: Tali Treason
Mordin Tech 200 Shield 250 Incinerate
Cryo Blast
Salarian Scientist Neural Shock Submachine Gun
Heavy Pistol
Dossier: The Professor Old Blood
Garrus Combat/Tech 200 Shield 250 Concussive Shot
Turian Rebel Armor-Piercing Ammo Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Dossier: Archangel Eye for an Eye
Miranda Biotic/Tech 200 Shield 250 Overload
Cerberus Officer Slam Submachine Gun
Heavy Pistol
Prologue: Awakening The Prodigal
Grunt Combat 300 Armor 300 Concussive Shot
Incendiary Ammo
Krogan Berserker Fortification Shotgun
Assault Rifle
Dossier: The Warlord Rite of Passage
Jacob Biotic/Combat 200 Shield 250 Pull
Incendiary Ammo
Cerberus Operative Barrier Heavy Pistol
Prologue: Awakening The Gift of Greatness
Thane Biotic/Tech 200 Shield 250 Throw
Drell Assassin Shredder Ammo Submachine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Dossier: The Assassin Sins of the Father
Jack Biotic 200 Barrier 250 Shockwave
Subject Zero Warp Ammo Heavy Pistol
Dossier: The Convict Subject Zero
KasumiDLC Tech/Combat 200 Shield 250 Shadow Strike
Master Thief Flashbang Grenade Heavy Pistol
Submachine Gun
Citadel - Zakera Ward Stealing Memory
LiaraDLC Biotic 200 Barrier 250 Singularity
Asari Scientist Stasis Submachine Gun
Heavy Pistol
Lair of the Shadow Broker Lair of the Shadow Broker