Areas – 66 shown
The planet or satellite where this area is located
The name of the area; most areas will be shown with their planet name, but some have no specific area name; DLC areas are only available if you have installed the relevant content
- SSV Normandy
- Lazarus Research Station
- Freedom's Progress
- Normandy SR-2
Omega Merchant District
Omega Slums District
Omega Archangel's Base
Korlus Blue Suns Facility
Prison Ship Purgatory Prison Ship Purgatory
Citadel Zakera Ward
Horizon Horizon
Haestrom Quarian Landing Zone
Illium Nos Astra
Illium Commercial Spaceport
Illium Dantius Towers
- Disabled Collector Vessel
Zorya ZoryaDLC
Bekenstein BekensteinDLC
2175 Aeia Hugo Gernsback Crash Site
Illium Transport Station
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