Areas – 66 shown
The planet or satellite where this area is located
The name of the area; most areas will be shown with their planet name, but some have no specific area name; DLC areas are only available if you have installed the relevant content
2175 Aeia Hugo Gernsback Crash Site
Aequitas Mining Facility
Aite Hermes StationDLC
Aite AiteDLC
Aite Vulcan StationDLC
Aite Prometheus StationDLC
Aite Atlas StationDLC
Alchera AlcheraDLC
Aratoht AratohtDLC
Bekenstein BekensteinDLC
Canalus Canalus
Capek Hahne-Kedar Facility
Citadel Zakera Ward
Citadel Factory District
Citadel 800 Blocks
Corang CorangDLC
Daratar Eclipse Cache
Derelict Reaper Derelict Reaper
Gei Hinnom Quarian Crash Site
Haestrom Quarian Landing Zone
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