Colosseum: Sequence for Regal Crown – 5 shown
This sequence shows every item that can be bet to win this item, and every item that can be won by betting this item; the color of the row indicates how many steps removed the sequence is from the base item
Win Opponent HP LV
In the colosseum, monsters choose their actions from the same list as the one used when you Control that monster; special attacks are named attacks unique to that monster
The estimated average amount of damage this monster's attack will deal to a target with 128 Defense; actual damage will vary considerably based on the target's Defense and other factors, but this is a good measure of the relative danger of monster's attacks
The percentage of base damage (based on 128 Defense) this monster takes from physical attacks due to its Defense score; a '1' indicates that the monster takes 1 damage from any physical attack
Phys. Vuln.
The percentage of base damage (based on 128 Mag.Def) this monster takes from magic attacks due to its Mag.Def score; a '1' indicates that the monster takes 1 damage from any magic attack
Mag.. Vuln.
Due to a bug, MBlock% is used to evade physical attacks instead of Evade %
Red Cap Coronet Rhyos 7,191 36 Battle, Flare Star, Surge, Aero 517 82% 74% 0
Coronet Regal Crown Evil Oscar 7,000 56 Battle, Poison, Sneeze, Sour Mouth 635 109% 117% 0
Regal Crown Genji Helmet Opinicus 3,210 38 Battle, Riot (Battle ×1.5), Slide, Surge 388 94% 82% 20
Genji Helmet Crystal Helm Fortis 9,800 54 Battle, Double Arm (Battle ×2), Fire Ball, Snowball 422 74% 82% 0
Crystal Helm Diamond Helm Dueller 7,200 53 Battle, Megashock (Battle ×3), Mega Volt, Giga Volt 569 55% 86% 0
Treasures: Regal Crown – 1 shown
Treasure Area Map Notes
If certain conditions apply to this treasure becoming available, or if the contents of the treasure change at different points during the game, the details are shown here
Regal Crown In chest -