Types: Which can Wear Plate Armour – 3 shown
Name Key Sprite
Whether this type has access to wizard spells, cleric spells, both, or no spells
Spell Type
The stat that this type's maximum MP is based on; 'Greater' and 'Lesser' refer to both magic stats, Intelligence and Wisdom; note that "bonus regen" gives an extra point of MP regeneration only when the character's current MP is less than half of the lesser of their stats
Max MP
This type's skill in stealing items and disarming traps
The most advanced weapon that can be used by this class; all classes can use Exotic weapons, so they are not included
Max Weapon
The most advanced armour that can be used by this class; all classes can use Exotic armour, so it is not included
Max Armour
Fighter F Fighter - None None Any weapon Any armour
Paladin P Fighter Cleric Half Wis None Any weapon Plate
Ranger R Ranger All Spells Half Lesser Some +2 Swd Any armour
Shops: Selling Plate Armour – 6 shown
The location where this shop is found
Shop Type Price
Dawn Armour 2,500 gold
Death Gulch Armour 2,500 gold
Grey Armour 2,500 gold
Britain Armour 2,500 gold
Montor East Armour 2,500 gold
Montor West Armour 2,500 gold