Set Creatures: Found in Britain – 32 shown
This creature's default behavior; if you attack any creature, all guards in the area will change their behavior to 'Attack'
If this creature has a special message when you Transact with it, that message is shown here
Special Message
Guard Stand -
Guard Stand -
Guard Stand -
Guard Stand -
Merchant Pursue -
Merchant Pursue -
Merchant Pursue -
Merchant Pursue -
Cleric Stand Is it not lovely
Wizard Stand Quest ye unto Lost Ambrosia!
Thief Stand Only with Exotic arms can you win
Thief Stand Exodus lies beyond the Silver Snake!
Merchant Stand `Dawn' comes each new pair!
Fighter Stand Dupre laughs: Drink up!
Fighter Wander -
Fighter Wander -
Fighter Wander -
Thief Stand Round back!
Guard Wander -
Guard Wander -
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Shops: Found in Britain – 13 shown
Shop Type Item Price
Pub Drink 7 gold
Weapons Dagger 5 gold
Weapons Mace 30 gold
Weapons Sling 60 gold
Weapons Axe 125 gold
Weapons Bow 350 gold
Weapons Sword 200 gold
Weapons 2-H-Swd 250 gold
Armour Cloth 75 gold
Armour Leather 195 gold
Armour Chain 575 gold
Armour Plate 2,500 gold
Grocery Food 1 gold
Creatures: Encountered in Britain – 7 shown
Dungeon creatures are found in dungeons or in Castle Fire; town creatures are not normally aggressive; invincible creatures cannot be defeated
Some monsters have multiple versions that share a sprite but have different names; all versions of a monster are statistically identical
Other Versions
The character that scores the killing blow on this type of monster receives this many experience points
Creatures of this type may randomly appear in these locations; some monsters only appear in preset locations, and are not encountered at random
Merchant - 1 - -
Jester - 2 - -
Guard - 15 - -
Fighter - 8 Land -
Cleric - 6 - -
Wizard - 10 Land Uses damage spell
Thief Cutpurse, Brigand 5 Land May pilfer weapons or armour (not equipped)