Armour – 8 shown
Magic armour is only sold in the hidden city of Dawn; exotics are ultimate armour that may be used by any class, but must be found
Armour of a given type will not appear when you use the Wear command until you have found at least one armour of that type or better
The cost to buy this armour in a shop; armour may be sold for this full value to any shop that sells that armour
The character types who can Wear this armour
Skin A Mundane - All types
Cloth B Mundane 75 gold All types
Leather C Mundane 195 gold F, C, T, P, B, I, R
Chain D Mundane 575 gold F, C, P, R
Plate E Mundane 2,500 gold F, P, R
+2 Chain F Magic 6,130 gold F, R
+2 Plate G Magic 8,250 gold F, R
Exotic H Exotic - All types