Weapons: Sold in Phantom Train Items – 1 shown
Rare weapons can be stolen from monsters; unique weapons are usually found as treasure; legendary weapons are dropped by the legendary dragons; strange weapons can be won in the colosseum; ancient weapons are held by the statues; ultimate weapons are the most powerful in the game; starting weapons are owned by certain characters but cannot be otherwise found
Type Bat.Pwr
A 100% Hit Rate indicates that the weapon will not miss regardless of the target's MBlock%
Hit Rate
When you attack with this weapon, there is a 1/4 chance that it will use this spell for 0 MP with a 100% Hit Rate on the same target after the attack; spell damage is affected by row and Jump status; weapons that deal automatic critical hits will deal critical damage with this spell; the spell is not subject to Reflect or the Runic command
Any special battle effects this weapon has
Evade % is listed in gray to indicate that, due to a bug, this value is not used; MBlock% is used to evade physical attacks instead
Evade %
Due to a bug, MBlock% is used to evade physical attacks instead of Evade %
Vigor Speed Stamina Mag.Pwr Price Value
If used as an item in combat, this item is lost but has the effect of the listed ability; this ability maximizes damage and ignores defense and environment factors
Item Use
The elemental nature of attacks made with this weapon
Certain commands or abilities require weapons with a specific trait to operate
Used With
The characters that can normally equip this item; the Merit Award will expand a character's item selections
Used By
(Stars)Shuriken Stars 86 230 Use with "Throw" command - - - - - - - - 30 GP 15 GP - - Throw -
Items: Sold in Phantom Train Items – 6 shown
Rare items can be stolen from monsters; limited items are usually found as treasure; strange items can be won in the colosseum
Type Description Price Value
The status effects removed by this item
Tonic - Recovers 50 HP 50 GP 25 GP -
Potion - Recovers 250 HP 300 GP 150 GP -
Antidote - Cures "Poison" status 50 GP 25 GP Poison
Green Cherry - Cures "Imp" status 150 GP 75 GP Imp
Fenix Down - Recovers the wounded 500 GP 250 GP Wound
Sleeping Bag - Recovers HP/MP to 100% 500 GP 250 GP Dark, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Clear