Weapons: Which cast Aero in battle – 3 shown
Rare weapons can only be found as treasure or won from monsters; unique weapons can only be found as treasure or purchased in hidden shops; ultimate weapons are uniquely powerful treasures; onion weapons are rare treasures of unmatched but narrow power
The higher a weapon's power, the more damage physical attacks made with it deal; characters gain a bonus to power based on strength
A weapon's base accuracy; characters gain a bonus to accuracy based on agility and job level; note that the accuracy of arrows is ignored in favor of the bow's accuracy when using a bow and arrow combination
Some weapons offer a bonus to one or more statistics; certain weapons also offer a bonus to one or more element types, but this has no effect; for the curious, the elemental bonuses are shown on individual weapon pages
The cost to buy this weapon in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this weapon in a shop
The spell cast when this weapon is used as an item in combat; unlike items, weapons are not consumed when used to cast spells
The status ailment that may be inflicted by hits with this weapon
The magic multiplier of the spell cast when this weapon is used in combat
The elemental nature of this weapon; targets that are weak to this element take double damage, while targets that resist this element take half damage; targets that absorb this element gain hit points equal to the usual damage dealt
The jobs which are capable of using this weapon
Equipped By
(Nunchaku)Wyvern Claws 48 100% - - 9,000 gil Aero ×1 Fire, Lightning BB, Ni
(Spear)Wind Spear 50 80% - 10,000 gil 5,000 gil Aero ×1 Air Dr, Ni
(Knife)Air Knife 60 100% - - 5,000 gil Aero ×1 Air Ni, Th
Shops: Where Aero is sold – 1 shown
The map this shop is located on
What this shop sells; mobile shops are contained within your vehicles; hidden shops sell powerful goods but must be found
Tozus Magic
Treasures: Containing Aero – 1 shown
The map where the treasure is found
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
Guarded By
Aero Dragon's Peak Northeast path -