Spells: Sold in Crescent Lake L6 Bl.Magic – 4 shown
Exclusive spells can only be learned and cast by a single class; advanced spells can only be learned and cast by advanced classes; ultimate spells are available only from the hidden shop in Lufenia
Type Level Price
Healing spells and damaging spells that are not resisted have a hit point effect between one and two times this number, or half that when resisted (damage can be further modified by elemental weaknesses or resistances)
A modifier to the likelihood of the spell being resisted; there is a base chance to hit of approximately 74% plus half this value, modified by the target's magic defense
The status ailment cured of inflicted by the spell if it is not resisted
The elemental nature of the spell; weakness to the element makes the spell approximately 20% more likely to hit and adds a 50% bonus to any damage dealt, while resistance halves damage and nearly guarantees that the spell will be resisted (for a net of 1/4 normal damage)
Learned By
Bolt3 Black 6 20,000 gil 120 +96 All foes - Lightning BM, BW, RW
Quake Black 6 20,000 gil - +103 All foes KO Earth BM, BW
Reaper Black 6 20,000 gil - +96 One foe KO Death BM, BW
Stun Black 6 20,000 gil - - One foe Paralysis Status BM, BW