Creatures: Encountered in Greenland Dungeon – 7 shown
Dungeon creatures are found in dungeons and towers; town creatures are not normally aggressive; you must defeat the final boss to complete the game
The amount of HP a randomly generated creature of this type starts with; for creatures found in towers or dungeons, this is the range from the creature's starting HP on the first level it appears to its starting hp on level 15; creatures in villages, towns, and castles have different HP totals, as do those creatures that start the game in the Legends era
The areas where this creature may randomly appear; this does not include creatures that are already in a given location
Orc 17–153 Level 00–15 -
Ghost 49–153 Level 02–15 Sometimes blows out your torch/light spell with an attack
Carrion Creeper 81–185 Level 04–15 -
Viper 113–185 Level 06–15 -
Gremlin 145–217 Level 08–15 Sometimes steals 100 food with an attack
Minotaur 177–217 Level 10–15 -
Balron 209–249 Level 12–15 Uses sleep spell (you cannot do anything)
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