Shops – 8 shown
The name of the shop; even shops with the same name may not sell the same items in every town
What type of items this shop sells
Which towns this particular shop appears in
The items sold in this shop; some goods will not be available until you've reached a certain level, as indicated on the specific item pages; prices are determined by your statistics, and are the same across all of the shops in the land
Food All towns Food
Magic All towns Open, Unlock, Magic Missile, Steal, Ladder Down, Ladder Up, Blink, Create, Destroy, Kill
Tavern All towns Ale
Transportation Arnold, Britain, Bulldozer, Clear Lagoon, Dextron, Gerry, Gorlab, Grey, Helen, Imagination, John, Linda, Lost Friends, Montor, Moon, Nassau, Ponder, Poor, Stout, The Brother, The Snake, Yew Horse, Cart, Raft, Frigate, Air Car, Shuttle
Transportation Fawn, Gauntlet, Magic, Owen, Paws, The Turtle, Tune, Wealth, Wheeler, Wolf Horse, Cart, Air Car, Shuttle
Armour All towns Leather armor, Chain mail, Plate mail, Vacuum suit, Reflect suit
Weapons Arnold, Britain, Bulldozer, Fawn, Gorlab, Helen, Imagination, John, Magic, Montor, Nassau, Stout, The Turtle, Tune, Wealth, Wolf Mace, Rope & Spikes, Great Sword, Amulet, Staff, Pistol, Phazor
Weapons Clear Lagoon, Dextron, Gauntlet, Gerry, Grey, Linda, Lost Friends, Moon, Owen, Paws, Ponder, Poor, The Brother, The Snake, Wheeler, Yew Dagger, Axe, Sword, Bow & Arrows, Wand, Triangle, Light Sword, Blaster