Vehicles – 8 shown
Advanced vehicles are not sold until you reach level 4; special vehicles must be earned, not purchased
The possible range of gold required to buy this vehicle in a shop; the higher your intelligence score, the lower the cost
Overworld travel in a given vehicle uses up one this amount of food for every 14 actions (steps, attacks, etc.) you take
Food/14 Actions
The types of terrain this vehicle can safely move over
The types of terrain this vehicle cannot move past; immobile vehicles cannot be moved on the world map, but may be launched in other ways
Blocked By
The type of weapon this vehicle is armed with, if any
Certain vehicles will not become available for sale until you've reached a certain level; the time machine must be found, and is never available for sale
Sold At Lev.
Foot - 7 Grass, Woods Water, Mountains - -
Horse 20–38 g. 6 Grass, Woods Water, Mountains - 1
Cart 80–152 g. 5 Grass, Woods Water, Mountains - 1
Raft 181–342 g. 4 Water Grass, Woods, Mountains - 1
Frigate 323–608 g. 3 Water Grass, Woods, Mountains Cannons 1
Air Car 505–950 g. 2 Grass, Water Woods, Mountains Laser 4
Shuttle 727–1368 g. - Space Immobile - 4
Time Machine - - Time Immobile - -