Creatures – 49 shown
The name of the creature; note that creatures of the same name that appear in different types of areas (e.g., the overworld or dungeons) are different creatures with different statistics; dungeon creatures are found only on certain dungeon levels; town creatures are not normally aggressive; kings are worth a great deal of experience if defeated; you must defeat the final boss to complete the game
The location where you can find this creature; all of the lands, woods, and seas of Sosaria are home to the same types of creatures, regardless of continent
Whether this creature's attacks are ranged; you cannot attack creatures with a ranged attack unless you have a ranged attack as well
Any special notes about the creature's special abilities
Ness Creature Sea Yes -
Giant Squid Sea Yes -
Dragon Turtle Sea Yes -
Giant Octopus Sea Yes -
Hood Woods No -
Bear Woods No -
Hidden Archer Woods Yes -
Dark Knight Woods No -
Evil Trent Woods No -
Thief Land No -
Orc Land No -
Knight Land No -
Necromancer Land No -
Evil Ranger Land No -
Wandering Warlock Land No -
Ranger Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Skeleton Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Thief Dungeon Levels 1–2 No Steals your lowest-tier unequipped weapon instead of dealing damage when it hits (deals damage normally if there's nothing to steal)
Giant Rat Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Bat Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
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