Tavern Hints – 8 shown
The text of the possible hints you can find by drinking at a tavern
You best know about space travel! And that you must destroy at least 20 enemy vessels to become an ace!
You best know to watch the wench?
You best know the princess will give great reward to the one who saves her, and an extra gift if the player is 8th level or greater!
You best know you should go back in time!
You best know you should destroy the evil gem!
You best know that many, if not most lakes and ponds have strong magical powers!
You best know this is a great game!
You best know that over 1000 years ago Mondain the Wizard created an evil gem. With this gem, he is immortal and cannot be defeated. The quest of --Ultima-- is to traverse the lands in search of a time machine. Upon finding such a device, you should go back in time to the days before Mondain created the evil gem and destroy him before it's creation. If you do this, you will save the universe, and win the game!!!