Stats – 11 shown
The starting value of this stat, which may be modified during character creation
The maximum possible value of this stat
Details on what this stat influences in the game
Level 1 8 Increases over time, you must be level 8 to find the time machine
Hit Points 100 99999 Damage you can take before dying
Strength 10 99 Increases damage dealt with physical attacks
Agility 10 99 Makes your attacks more likely to hit
Stamina 10 99 Reduces the chance of being hit by enemy attacks, allows you to drink more before being seduced
Charisma 10 99 Increases the value of weapons and armor sold to shops
Wisdom 10 99 Increases Magic Missile damage, decreases the price of spells, increases minimum sale value
Intelligence 10 99 Reduces spell failure chance, decreases the price of weapons, armour, vehicles, and food
Food 99 99999 Used over time, you die if it runs out
Experience 0 99999 Used to buy spells
Gold 100 99999 Used to buy items at shops, given to kings for HP, or thrown in ponds for bonuses