Songs: Originating in Final Fantasy VI – 9 shown
Locked songs are unlocked by attaining a certain amount of rhythmia; chaos songs are unlocked the same way, but have only one difficulty level; DLC songs must be purchased separately from the game
How this song appears in challenge mode; 'Normal' indicates that the song can be played in three difficulty levels, while 'Chaos' indicates it can only be played in one; some songs are not playable in challenge mode
If this song appears as part of a Dark Note, this indicates the type of song that will appear, which may not be the same as the type seen in other modes; the 'movement' number of the Dark Note indicates which songs are included, with the first digit representing the FMS and the second digit representing the BMS; the movement numbers are indicated here
Chaos Shrine
Some songs are unlocked after collecting a specified amount of rhythmia, as indicated here
Unlocked At
The amount of rhythmia required to unlock this song in the music player; DLC songs are not available in the music player
Music Player
OP - - - 11,000 rm
FMS Normal FMS 4 - 29,000 rm
BMS Normal - - 46,000 rm
EMS Normal - - 74,000 rm
ED - - - 59,500 rm
BMS Chaos BMS 3 35,000 rm 90,000 rm
FMS Normal - 20,000 rm 98,000 rm
BMS Normal - 10,000 rm 95,500 rm
BMS Normal - - -
Party Members: Originating in Final Fantasy VI – 2 shown
There is one locked party member per game, as well as several other special party members; all are unlocked by collecting shards of a given color
Some characters must be unlocked by collecting eight shards of a particular color; these shards can be earned as drops in the Chaos Shrine, or occasionally by attaining certain rhythmia thresholds
The ability slots available to this party member; ability slots may contain Reactive abilities or Proactive abilities, while some slots may contain either ability type
This party member's base HP score at level 99, without any abilities assigned
Max HP
This party member's base strength score at level 99, without any abilities assigned
Max Str.
This party member's base magic score at level 99, without any abilities assigned
Max Mag.
This party member's base agility score at level 99, without any abilities assigned
Max Agi.
This party member's base luck score at level 99, without any abilities assigned
Max Luck
This party member's maximum CP total at level 99
Max CP
Terra - Re, Re, Pro, R/P 3,792 102 224 185 187 50
Locke Indigo Re, Re, Re, Pro 5,497 161 157 225 175 50
CollectaCards: Originating in Final Fantasy VI – 7 shown
Number Name Game Type
6 Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI Character
19 Locke Cole Final Fantasy VI Character
58 Cactuar Final Fantasy VI Monster
59 Hill Gigas Final Fantasy VI Monster
60 Ultros Final Fantasy VI Monster
61 Deathgaze Final Fantasy VI Monster
62 Kefka Palazzo Final Fantasy VI Monster