Characters: Which Use Burning Fists – 5 shown
Premium generic characters must be purchased, and multiples can appear in a single battle; premium unique characters are also purchased, but you will only ever have one of each in your party during an encounter
Numbers with a ✩ next to them indicate premium content
Game Unlock Level
Your party will never feature more than one of the same unique character at a time
Monk 4 FFI 8 No Iron Fist
Tifa ✩ 12 FFVII - Yes Beat Rush & Somersault
Red XIII ✩ 14 FFVII - Yes Blood Fang
Snow ✩ 29 FFXIII - Yes Ice Ramp
Chocobo ✩ 31 FFV - No Chocobo Kick
Battlegrounds: Where Burning Fists is Found – 1 shown
Sub-boss battlegrounds feature set bosses instead of random encounters; boss battlegrounds also feature set bosses, and serve to end the encounters in a given area
Whether this battleground is available only in a premium content area
Type Encounters Terrain
Zanarkand Ruins 5 Yes Monsters 5 Zanarkand Ruins
Encounters: Where Burning Fists is Dropped – 1 shown
Battleground Enemies Gil
All battles in premium battlegrounds yield experience scaled to your level instead of set amounts
Whether this encounter is a 'boss' encounter; in addition to traditional bosses, some random enemies have boss music and are considered a boss encounter
Zanarkand Ruins 5 Nidhogg ×2 1,920 Scaled Common No