Characters – 60 shown
Premium generic characters must be purchased, and multiples can appear in a single battle; premium unique characters are also purchased, but you will only ever have one of each in your party during an encounter
Numbers with a ✩ next to them indicate premium content
Game Unlock Level
Your party will never feature more than one of the same unique character at a time
Weapon Type Ability
Warrior 1 FFI 1 No Sword Attack
Knight 2 FFI 12 No Greatsword Critical
Mystic Knight 3 FFV 20 No Greatsword Firaga Sword
Monk 4 FFI 8 No Claws Iron Fist
Thief 5 FFI 10 No Dagger Back Attack
White Mage 6 FFV 3 No Staff Diaja
Devout 7 FFIII 50 No Staff Holy
Black Mage 8 FFV 5 No Rod Thundaga
Magus 9 FFIII 53 No Rod Flare
Sage 10 FFIII 56 No Staff Meteor
Red Mage 11 FFV 36 No Sword Dualcast
Blue Mage 12 FFV 14 No Sword Missile
Time Mage 13 FFV 40 No Rod Comet
Geomancer 14 FFV 17 No Instrument Branch Spear
Summoner 15 FFV 75 No Rod Megaflare
Berserker 16 FFV 45 No Axe Rage
Viking 17 FFIII 47 No Axe Thwack
Samurai 18 FFV 28 No Katana Iainuki
Ninja 19 FFI 30 No Katana Shuriken
Dragoon 20 FFIII 33 No Spear Jump
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