1. Game SystemsLearn how combat works in Final Fantasy... and the many mechanics that don't work.
  2. Forming a PartyA guide to choosing the four Classes that make up your party, and how to use them.

Princess Sara

  1. The Journey BeginsFind information in Castle Coneria and equip your characters in Coneria in preparation for your first quest.
  2. The Temple of FiendsJourney to the Temple of Fiends to defeat GARLAND, save Princess Sara, and collect Treasure.


  1. Across the BridgeWith GARLAND defeated, the King erects a bridge leading to Pravoka and Matoya's Cave.
  2. PravokaDefeat Bikke's PIRATES to earn the SHIP.
  3. Traveling the Aldi SeaThe SHIP gives you access to several new areas, but presents its own dangers.

The CROWN and the Mystic KEY

  1. ElfLandEstablish a base of operations in ElfLand and begin buying powerful new Spells and gear.
  2. Gathering Clues (Optional)Travel to the Dwarf Cave and the Northwest Castle to determine your next course of action.
  3. Search for the CROWNDelve into the Marsh Cave in search of the CROWN.
  4. Battle with ASTOSThe King of the Northwest Castle reveals himself to be ASTOS, who has the CRYSTAL you need.
  5. The Mystic KEYTrade the CRYSTAL for the HERB and use it to revive the Elf Prince and finally obtain the mystic KEY.
  6. Search for Locked TreasuresWith the mystic KEY in hand, unlock the various Treasure rooms you've seen. Bring the TNT you find to the Dwarf Cave to open a canal to the outer world.

The ORB of Earth

  1. MelmondSail west to the town of Melmond, where the earth is rotting before your eyes.
  2. The Western PeninsulaExplore the area west of Melmond to find the Titan's Tunnel and Earth Cave.
  3. The VAMPIREDescend into the Earth Cave to defeat the VAMPIRE that seems to be responsible for the earth's rot.
  4. The RODGive the RUBY to the Titan to reach Sarda's Cave and obtain the ROD allowing you to reach Earth Cave B4.
  5. The Fiend of EarthReturn to the Earth Cave and plumb its deepest depths to destroy LICH and restore light to the ORB of Earth.

The ORB of Fire

  1. Crescent LakeTravel to Crescent Lake where the Circle of Sages give you the CANOE so that you can pursue the Fiend of Fire.
  2. Traveling the RiversUse the CANOE to reach Gurgu Volcano.
  3. Treasure in Gurgu VolcanoGather loot in the Treasure room of Gurgu Volcano B2 before proceeding further.
  4. The Fiend of FireJourney to the bottom of Gurgu Volcano to face KARY and restore light to the ORB of Fire.


  1. The Ice CaveExplore the Ice Cave to discover the FLOATER that powers the AIRSHIP.
  2. Finding the AIRSHIPSearch for clues as to the location of the AIRSHIP, and raise it from its hiding place with the FLOATER!
  3. GaiaBegin your quest in the north by heading to the valley town of Gaia.

Class Change (Optional)

  1. The Cardia IslandsCollect Treasure and information in Cardia, and receive a quest from BAHAMUT, King of the Dragons.
  2. To the Castle of OrdealTravel to the Castle of Ordeal to undertake BAHAMUT's Test of Courage.
  3. The TAILFight your way through the Castle of Ordeal to earn the TAIL that proves your courage.
  4. The New ClassesBring the TAIL to BAHAMUT, who grants you a Class Change.

The ORB of Water

  1. OnracGather information in Onrac, including the purpose of OXYALE and the location of the Caravan.
  2. The FairyBuy the BOTTLE from the Caravan Shop and release The Fairy contained within at the spring in Gaia.
  3. Treasure in the Sunken ShrineUse the OXYALE to explore the upper floors of the Sunken Shrine to find the SLAB and other Treasures.
  4. The Fiend of WaterDescend to the bottom of the Sunken Shrine to face KRAKEN and restore the light of the ORB of Water.

The ORB of Wind

  1. Journey to LefeinTake the SLAB to Dr. Unne in Melmond, then use his teachings to communicate with the people of Lefein and receive the CHIME.
  2. The Mirage TowerUse the CHIME to enter the Mirage Tower, collecting Treasure and learning that you need the CUBE to proceed further.
  3. The CUBESearch the Waterfall for the CUBE and a robot that fell from the Floating Castle.
  4. The Fiend of WindClimb the five levels of the Floating Castle and face TIAMAT, the Fiend guarding the ORB of Wind.
  5. WarMECH (Optional)Challenge WarMECH, the toughest enemy in the game, and see who remains standing!

The Final Battle

  1. Prepare for the Final QuestTravel to the Dwarf Cave and give Smith the ADAMANT to receive Xcalber, and return to the Circle of Sages in Crescent Lake to learn of the time warp in the Temple of Fiends.
  2. Temple of Fiends PastReturn to the Temple of Fiends and warp to the Temple of Fiends Past to begin your final quest.
  3. CHAOSOn the lowest level of the Temple of Fiends Past, face CHAOS and break the time loop that has trapped the world in a cycle of destruction.