Treasure: Containing HyperEther – 8 shown
Found Area Era
The particular part of the area where this treasure is found
Notes on the specific location of the treasure and details on non-standard treasures
HyperEther Guardia Castle Present East Tower 3F Chest
HyperEther Guardia Castle Present Far East Tower 2F Chest
HyperEther Northern Ruins Middle Ages Basement Chest (also appears in Present)
HyperEther Northern Ruins Present Basement Chest (if not yet opened in Middle Ages)
HyperEther Sunken Desert Middle Ages Boss Area East chest
HyperEther Geno Dome Future Main Puzzle Area Bottom chest in northern room
HyperEther Guardia Castle Present East Basement Hall Bottom left chest
HyperEther Guardia Castle Present Rainbow Shell Room Middle chest
Monsters: Which have HyperEther – 6 shown
The name of the monster, which does not always match the names listed at the start of battle; plot bosses must be defeated as part of the main plot; sidequest bosses are encountered during optional quests; Black Omen bosses are found in that area; the final bosses must be defeated to complete the game
The amount of experience gained by defeating this monster; experience earned is divided equally among surviving characters
The amount of tech points gained by defeating this monster; tech points are not divided like experience points
The amount of gold (G) won by defeating this monster
This monster's weaknesses, including both elemental and contextual weaknesses; monsters take more damage from these attacks; Magic indicates that the monster is vulnerable to magic of all four elements
The elements and damage types that this monster is either immune to or outright absorbs; Magic indicates that the monster resists all four elements; All Attacks indicates that the monster resists both magic and physical attacks, and some special method must be used to harm it
The item that this monster may drop after it is defeated
The item that is won if this monster is successfully charmed with a tech
Sentry 1,280 467 8 400 G Fire Physical Full Ether HyperEther
Lizardactyl 950 444 8 - - Lightning - HyperEther
Martello 1,245 554 10 400 G - - - HyperEther
Synchrite 2,250 755 12 900 G - - HyperEther Gold Erng
Metal Mute 1,980 685 16 1,100 G - - - HyperEther
Cybot 1,800 728 16 750 G - - HyperEther Power Meal
Shop Goods: HyperEther – 1 shown
The area where this shop can be found; if there are multiple shops in a given area, a note will indicate which is which; limited shops become unavailable after certain plot events
The price to buy this item at this shop; in the Prehistoric era, some shops require items for trade rather than money
Notes on the particulars of this shop, such as its location or special conditions regarding its list of goods
Shop Note
Black Omen Dark Ages 10,000 G Nu