Commands – 21 shown
The keystroke used to invoke this command
Details on what this command does and how it is used
a Attack Attack
b Board Mount a horse or board a vehicle
c Cast Cast a readied spell
d Drop Drop gold, weapons, or armour in a castle or city
e Enter Enter a town, castle, dungeon, or landmark
f Fire Fire a vehicle's weapon
g Get Pick up Mondain's gem or an item from a king (with permission)
h Hyper Jump Travel to next system in direction you are facing on sector map in space
i Inform & Search Tells you where you are on field, looks for secret doors in dungeons, performs a sector scan in space
k Klimb Climb up or down ladders in dungeons
l Lag Time Sets the amount of time the game waits after a monster's attack (default is 3)
o Open Open a coffin in a dungeon
q Quit Save game (doesn't actually quit)
r Ready Equip weapon, armour, or spell
s Steal Steal from shops or castles
Spacebar Pass Pass time
t Transact Buy from merchants or speak to a king
u Unlock Opena cell in a castle (requires a key) or a chest in dungeon
v View Change Switch between top view and front view in spacecraft
x X-it Dismount from horse/disembark from vehicle
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