Spells: Granted by Knights of Round Materia – 1 shown
Tier two and tier three spells are learned from magic materia and are divided up by the rarity of the materia and requirements to learn the spell from it; ultimate spells are especially powerful; Enemy skills are learned from monsters; summon magic is learned from summon materia
Spell Type
The materia which grants the use of this spell, and the level it is earned at if it is not available at level 1
Description MP
The damage calculation of the spell; multiple hits are indicated first; P or M represent the caster's physical or magic base damage, which is based on their Attack/Magic atk and Level; damage based on P or M is reduced by 1/3 when used against multiple targets; HP is that of the target of the spell; spells marked with an asterisk (*) use special damage formulas; a dagger (†) indicates the spell ignores Defense/Magic def; healing and MP draining spells are indicated by their text color
Base Damage
Attack% Type Target Reflectable Element
The status effects that can be inflicted or removed by this spell, and the chance of success if it is not assured
Special Properties
Ultimate End Summon Knights of Round, Master Summon Extreme summoned monsters 250 13× 500%×M  Always Hits Magic All enemies No - - Ignores Magic def
Items of Interest: Knights of Round Materia – 1 shown
Item Type
Whether this item can be found or collected multiple times
Area Screen Details
Knights of Round Materia Item No Materia Caves Materia Cave (Round Island) Examine the red glow (requires gold chocobo to reach)