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Rare weapons can only be found as treasure, not purchased; enchanted items cast spells when used in combat; legendary weapons can be earned via sidequest; ultimate weapons are uniquely powerful treasures
The base damage dealt by the weapon; this is added to half of the wielder's strength score, and each hit deals between one and two times this total in damage, reduced by the target's defense
This value is added to the wielder's base accuracy to determine the overall accuracy of the weapon's attacks; the base chance to hit is approximately 84% plus half of this value, modified by the target's evasion; a character gains an extra hit for every 32 points of accuracy they have
Hit Rate
The chance of each attack with this weapon being a critical hit (unless the attack misses); critical hits add double the character's attack rating to their normal damage (this extra damage ignores defense)
When used against a monster weak against one of its elements, the weapon gets a +4 bonus to attack and is 20% more likely to hit
When used against a monster of a family it is effective against, the weapon gets a +4 bonus to attack and is 20% more likely to hit
Effective Against
The amount of gil received when selling this weapon in a shop
If used as an item in combat, some weapons can cast a particular magic spell free of cost
Equipped By
Cat Claws 22 +35 17.9% - - 65,000 gil 32,500 gil - Kn, Ni, RW, BW