Treasure: Found in Truce Inn – 2 shown
The particular part of the area where this treasure is found
Notes on the specific location of the treasure and details on non-standard treasures
Blue Vest Ground Floor Sealed chest (if not upgraded in Middle Ages)
Blue Mail Ground Floor Sealed chest (if upgraded in Middle Ages)
Armor: Found in Truce Inn – 2 shown
Unique armors can only be found as treasure or in other limited fashions; rare armors can also be dropped by or charmed from non-boss monsters; starting armors are weak but cannot be found except when given to new party members
The base bonus to physical defense granted by this armor weapon; the higher this number, the less damage a character takes from normal attacks
The element this armor offers protection against
The status ailments this armor prevents, or the status benefits it grants
The cost to buy this armor in a shop, if it is available for sale; some armor can be earned in trade rather than bought
The value of an armor when sold to a shop; not all armor can be sold
Description Equipped By
Blue Mail Armor 70 Water - - 4,100 G Absorbs "Water" hits Any Character
Blue Vest Armor 45 Water - - 2,900 G Absorbs 50% of "Water" hits Any Character