Encounters: With Vomammoth – 2 shown
World of Ruin encounters cannot be found in the World of Balance; unique encounters are found as set encounters or treasure guardians, but never as a random battle; legendary dragons are unique monsters that are found in the World of Ruin; special bosses have unique music and immense power; the final bosses are the last creatures fought in the game
Any encounters you've seen that appear on the Veldt will appear in groups; each encounter goes to the next group with at least one available encounter in it; encounters with no value listed do not appear on the Veldt
Veldt Group
Exp. GP Magic Points
The range of levels of monsters found in this encounter; level directly impacts the damage done by a monster's attacks, and is a good general indicator of the difficulty of any given encounter
Each party member must run long enough to set their run value to at least this number in order to escape this encounter; side attacks have a run difficulty of zero and it is not possible to run from pincer attacks unless all monsters on one side have been defeated
Run Difficulty
The specific monsters that appear during this encounter
3 87 120 1 1–5 Can't Run Vomammoth, Lobo
11 196 276 1 1–5 Can't Run Vomammoths, 2 Guards