Elemental Resistance
Matter Mind Death Body Fire Lightning Poison Ice
Normal Weakness/Resistance Normal Normal Absorb Absorb Absorb Absorb
Abilities: Used by Tiamat – 4 shown
The spell that this ability uses; rare spell tomes can only be found as treasure or won from monsters; unique spell tomes that only be found as treasure; special abilities are used by monsters or triggered by items, and cannot be learned from tomes
The level at which the spell is cast
Whether the spell is white magic, black magic, or a special ability
The base power of the spell; the base damage range for this ability is between one and four times the spell's power times its level; monsters and item-based special abilities use this number as is, but party members add 1/4 of their intelligence to the power of black magic abilities, or 1/4 of their spirit to the power of white magic abilities
The base accuracy of the spell; this percentage times the level determines the average number of successes the spell has; monsters and item-based special abilities use this number as is, but party members add their intelligence to the accuracy of black magic abilities, or their spirit to the accuracy of white magic abilities
The status ailment inflicted by a successful use of this ability
The elemental nature of the associated spell; targets that absorb this element will ignore its effects and gain hit points based on its power, even for non-damaging spells; targets that resist this element will fully resist any spell effects and take half damage; targets that are weak against this element automatically suffer the full effects of the spell and damage is doubled
The target of abilities is preset and cannot be changed, beyond choosing which 'one' target is used
Blaze 16 16 Special 20 100% - Fire All enemies
Icestorm 16 16 Special 20 95% - Ice All enemies
Thunderbolt 16 16 Special 20 100% - Lightning All enemies
Poison Cloud 16 16 Special 20 100% - Poison All enemies
Treasures: Guarded by Tiamat – 1 shown
The map where the treasure is found
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
The monsters guarding this treasure, which will attack when the treasure is opened
Guarded By
Genji Helm Pandaemonium 4FB End of path via second door from left on 4FA Tiamat ×1