Shop Goods: Sold at Market (Choras) – 8 shown
The price to buy this item at this shop; in the Prehistoric era, some shops require items for trade rather than money
Tonic 10 G
Mid Tonic 100 G
Full Tonic 700 G
Ether 800 G
Mid Ether 2,000 G
Heal 10 G
Revive 200 G
Shelter 150 G
Items: Available at Market (Choras) – 8 shown
Key items are unique and vital to the plot; rare items can also be dropped by or charmed from non-boss monsters
The status effects granted or removed by this item
The value of an item when sold to a shop; not all items can be sold
Tonic - 5 G Restores 50 HP
Mid Tonic - 50 G Restores 200 HP
Full Tonic - 350 G Restores 500 HP
Ether - 400 G Restores 10 MP
Mid Ether - 1,000 G Restores 30 MP
Heal All 5 G Restores Status
Revive Death 100 G Revives an ally
Shelter - 75 G Recovers HP/MP at Save Pts.