Shop Goods: Sold in Market (Dorino) – 5 shown
The price to buy this item at this shop; in the Prehistoric era, some shops require items for trade rather than money
Notes on the particulars of this shop, such as its location or special conditions regarding its list of goods
Shop Note
Tonic 10 G -
Mid Tonic 100 G -
Heal 10 G -
Revive 200 G -
Shelter 150 G -
Items: Found in Market (Dorino) – 5 shown
Key items are unique and vital to the plot; rare items can also be dropped by or charmed from non-boss monsters
The status effects granted or removed by this item
The value of an item when sold to a shop; not all items can be sold
Tonic - 10 G 5 G Restores 50 HP
Mid Tonic - 100 G 50 G Restores 200 HP
Heal All 10 G 5 G Restores Status
Revive Death 200 G 100 G Revives an ally
Shelter - 150 G 75 G Recovers HP/MP at Save Pts.