Weapons: Which deal Curse-type damage – 2 shown
Rare items can only be found with a Meal Ticket or as a rare drop from an enemy; unique items can only be found as treasure; salable items are most useful when sold
The type of item this is
The amount of money required to buy the item from the librarian, if it is available for sale
Attack is the maximum base damage value when this item is used as a weapon; attack is modified by Alucard's strength score, and the weapon may not give its full maximum if Alucard's strength score is not high enough
The type of damage dealt when this item is used to attack; some enemies are affected differently by attacks of certain elements
The relative speed of the weapon when used to attack repeatedly
The number of squares this weapon's primary attack reaches in front of Alucard
Whether this weapon has a special attack triggered by entering the ↓↘→ + attack or ←→ + attack commands, or both; hover over the command to see what the attack does
When Alucard takes damage, the damage dealt is reduced by his defense score
Muramasa Two-Hand - −5 Curse Normal 3.8 - −4
Red Rust Two-Hand - −2 Curse Very Slow 2.8 - -
Enemies: Immune to Curse – 1 shown
The in-game name of the enemy, as shown if you have the Faerie Scroll relic; different enemies that have non-unique names are clarified with parenthetical notes; bosses are found in unique plot encounters; inverted monsters and inverted bosses are found in the inverted castle; final bosses must be defeated to complete the plot
The enemy's level, which determines how much experience they give based on Alucard's level
How much damage the enemy can take before being defeated
How much experience Alucard gains upon defeating this enemy if he is at the same level as the enemy; Alucard gains a multiplicative 25% bonus for each level he is below the enemy's level, to a maximum of approximately triple experience at a five-level difference; if Alucard is above the enemy's level, experience is reduced by a multiplicative 1/3 penalty for each level Alucard is above the enemy's, to a minimum of 1 experience point; the formula for experience gained by a familiar is based on this number, but works differently
The item this enemy is most likely to drop upon being defeated
Common Drop
The item this enemy is less likely to drop upon being defeated
Rare Drop
The elements this enemy is strong against; attacks of this element deal half damage
Strong VS.
The elements this enemy is immune to; attacks of this element deal no damage and have no effect
The elements this enemy is weak against; attacks of this element deal double damage
Weak VS.
The elements this enemy absorbs; attacks of this element heal the enemy instead of dealing damage
40 1,200 2,500 - - - Stone, Poison, Curse Holy, Fire Darkness