Spells – 8 shown
Special spells can only be used in certain forms or when using certain familiars, and are not purchased as scrolls
The amount of mp consumed when Alucard casts this spell
The key combination required to cast this spell; these can be revealed by buying spell tomes, but the tome is not necessary to cast the spell; all commands are shown when Alucard is facing to the right, reverse them when facing left; either hand's attack button may be used to finish a spell
The spell's effects when cast
The base attack score for this spell; this is modified by Alucard's intelligence score and several other factors to determine the damage dealt by the spell
The element of the spell; some enemies are affected differently by spells of certain elements
The price to buy the scroll with this spell's information from the Librarian
Scroll Price
Dark Metamorphosis 10 ←↖↑↗→ + attack Heal HP by shedding blood - - $500
Summon Spirit 5 ←→↑↓ + attack Summons a fierce spirit 15 HIT $1,500
Hellfire 15 ↑↓↘→ + attack Transport and fireball attack 30 Fire $5,000
Wolf Charge 10 ↓↘→ + attack Powerful attack by Wolf 30 CUT -
Tetra Spirit 20 ↑ (hold), ↗→↘↓ + attack Summons four spirits 15 HIT $8,000
Soul Steal 50 ←→↘↓↙←→ + attack Steals HP from nearby enemies 15 HIT $15,000
Sword Brothers 30 ↓↘→↗↑ (hold), ↓ + attack Summons Sword Brothers 20 CUT -
Wing Smash 8 Hold jump, ↑↖←↙↓↘→ + release jump Powerful attack by Bat 50 HIT -