Bosses – 25 shown
Bosses are unique plot encounters; inverted bosses are found in the inverted castle; final bosses must be defeated to complete the plot
The area of the castle where this boss is encountered; names in bold italics indicate areas of the inverted castle
Area Encountered
The cost to buy the tactics demo for this boss from the librarian when it is available
Tactics Price
The enemies that make up this boss encounter
Specific Enemies
Akmodan II Death Wing's Lair $3,500 Akmodan II
Beelzebub Necromancy Laboratory $6,000 Beezelbub
Cerberus Abandoned Mine $2,200 Cerberos
Darkwing Bat Reverse Clock Tower $3,500 Darkwing Bat
Death Cave $4,000 Death
Doppleganger10 Outer Wall $700 Doppleganger10
Doppleganger40 Reverce Caverns $4,500 Doppleganger40
Dracula Introduction $200 Dracula
Galamoth Floating Catacombs $7,000 Galamoth
Granfaloon Catacombs $2,800 Granfaloon
Hippogryph Royal Chapel $1,000 Hippogryph
Karasuman Clock Tower $1,800 Karasuman
Lesser Demon Long Library - Skeleton, Ectoplasm, Mudman, Lesser Demon
Lord Dracula Black Marble Gallery $10,000 Dracula
Medusa Anti-Chapel $3,500 Medusa
Minotaur&Werewolf Colosseum $1,400 Minotaurus, Werewolf
Olrox Olrox's Quarters $2,500 Olrox
Richter Belmont Castle Keep $3,000 Richter Belmont
Scylla Underground Caverns $1,200 Scylla wyrm, Scylla
Scylla wyrm Underground Caverns - Scylla wyrm
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