Clusters – 23 shown
DLC clusters are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Whether the mass relay system in this cluster has a fuel depot available for use
Fuel Depot
The system in this cluster where the mass relay is found, and where you will arrive when traveling from other clusters; DLC clusters are only available through downloadable content
Mass Relay System
The systems found in this cluster other than the one containing the mass relay
Other Systems
The number of visitable planets and other satellites found in all explorable systems in this cluster
Local Cluster No Sol - 9
Shadow Sea No Iera - 4
Titan Nebula No Haskins - 1
Viper NebulaDLC No BahakDLC - 5
Far Rim No Dholen Ma-at 4
Minos Wasteland No Fortis Caestus 5
Serpent Nebula Yes Widow BoltzmannDLC 6
Sigurd's Cradle Yes Skepsis Decoris 9
The Shrike Abyssal Yes Xe Cha Urla Rast 7
Ismar FrontierDLC Yes AquilaDLC ElystaDLC, FaiaDLC 14
Krogan DMZ Yes Aralakh DranekDLC, Nith 13
Nubian Expanse Yes Dakka Kalabsha, Qertassi 8
Rosetta Nebula Yes Enoch Alpha Draconis, Phi Clio 8
Valhallan Threshold Yes Raheel-Leyya Micah, Paz 7
Crescent Nebula Yes Tasale Lusarn, Ondeste, Zelene 17
Hades Nexus Yes Hekate Hoplos, Pamyat, Sheol 13
Hourglass Nebula Yes Osun Faryar, Ploitari, SowiloDLC 22
Pylos Nebula Yes Nariph Dirada, Kriseroi, Satent 19
Caleston Rift Yes Balor Aysur, Solveig, Talava, YakawaDLC 23
Eagle Nebula Yes Imir Amun, Malgus, Relic, Strabo 21
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