Missions: Which start or take place in the Iera System – 1 shown
The category and name of this mission or assignment; Missions are more significant in nature than assignments; DLC missions are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Whether this is a plot mission or an optional assignment
The experience reward for completing this mission
The standard credit reward for completing this mission; different amounts of credits may be earned depending on how the mission is completed
The area or planet where this mission is initially started
What you have to do in the start area to trigger this mission
Trigger Condition
The areas involved in the completion of this mission (not including the start area, unless the mission proper takes place there)
Mission 1,000 30,000 credits Normandy SR-2 Complete the Archangel, The Professor, The Convict, and The Warlord missions Horizon
Planets: In the Iera System – 4 shown
Landable planets contain areas to explore; DLC planets are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Whether this is an actual planet or some other type of orbiting body
Whether you are able to land here for a mission, assignment, or other point of interest
Landing Site
The general quantity of resources available to be harvested on this planet
What you have to do in order to be able to travel to this planet; there may be other ways of accessing these planets beyond those listed
Venture Planet No Rich Complete Horizon mission
Prospect Planet No Poor Complete Horizon mission
Horizon Planet Yes - Complete Horizon mission
Watchman Planet No Moderate Complete Horizon mission