Shop Items: Vairadanda – 1 shown
This item will not be sold by Chocolina until you have reached this time period; even items exclusively sold in other time periods may require you to venture further in your quest before they become available
Trigger Time Period
Items in the 'Special' category are only sold by Chocolina in a single time period, indicated here; items in other categories are available for sale in all time periods after they initially become available
Exclusively Sold In
Weapons Academia -500 AF- -
Weapons: Which Require Vairadanda for Purchase – 1 shown
Special weapons require components to be purchased; unique weapons must be discovered rather than purchased; exceptional weapons are unique weapons of great power; DLC weapons are only available if you have the relevant content
Party Member Strength Magic Passive Ability
Some weapons may contribute towards a bonus ability; you will need to equip more than one accessory or weapon with the same bonus ability to gain its effects; details of the trigger requirements and effects of the bonus ability can be found on its information page
Bonus Ability
The components you will need to purchase this weapon from Chocolina, in addition to the price in gil
Mac an Luin Noel 160 115 ATB Gauge: +1 High HP: Power Surge 80,000 gil Phoenix Blood, Trapezohedron ×2, Vairadanda 40,000 gil