Trophies – 32 shown
The platinum trophy is only available on the PlayStation 3; other achievements are colored based on level, bronzesilvergold
The actual requirements to earn this achievement/trophy
The amount of Gamerscore gained by earning this achievement on Xbox 360
The type of trophy this is on Playstation 3
Master of Time Obtain all other trophies - Platinum
Early Riser Defeat all groups of enemies in the opening sequence in New Bodhum -003 AF- 15 Bronze
Time Traveler Begin Episode 2 in the Bresha Ruins -005 AF- 15 Bronze
Future Espier Begin Episode 3 Part 1 in Yaschas Massif -010 AF- 15 Bronze
Past Gazer Begin Episode 3 Part 2 in Sunleth Waterscape -300 AF- 15 Bronze
Threat Facer Begin Episode 4 in Academia -400 AF- 15 Bronze
Sooth Seeker Begin Episode 5 in the Void Beyond -Year Unknown- after Academia -4XX AF- 15 Bronze
Promise Keeper Begin The Last Episode in Academia -500 AF- 15 Bronze
Trigger Finger Complete all Cinematic Action prompts during battles with Paradox Alpha, Atlas, Royal Ripeness, Zenobia, and Proto fal'Cie Adam 30 Silver
Anomalous View all possible endings 30 Silver
Epic Finisher Complete the game 90 Gold
Saddle Sore Take more than 10,000 steps while riding chocobos 12 Bronze
Serendipitous Earn 10,000 Casino Coins 12 Bronze
Choco-boco-holic Spend 100,000 gil at Chocolina's shops 14 Bronze
Clock Stopper Get 100 consecutive "Great" ratings when engaging enemies 15 Bronze
Fragmented Obtain all fragments in a single category 30 Silver
Defragmented Obtain all 160 fragments 90 Gold
Scarlet Medal Defeat Atlas with a five-star rank in Bresha Ruins -005 AF- 14 Bronze
Cerulean Medal Defeat Proto fal'Cie Adam with a five-star rank in Augusta Tower -200 AF- 14 Bronze
Obsidian Medal Defeat Pacos Luvulite and Pacos Amethyst with a five-star rank in Academia -500 AF- 14 Bronze
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