Hands of Time Puzzle Solver

Hands of Time puzzles can be extremely frustrating, since they are both randomized and timed. The most complex of these may require a lot of guessing. This tool has been designed to eliminate such guessing entirely. Simply enter the numbers of your puzzle, and a workable solution will be presented.

Because these puzzles are timed and it's not always easy to see all of the numbers before the time begins ticking down, I have designed the input method with an eye towards quick entry. All you need to do is enter the number at the top, then proceed clockwise around the puzzle (In truth, neither the starting point nor the order matter, but choosing a consistent method will make the solution easier to interpret.)

For instance, if you want to solve a five-item puzzle with a 1 at the top, 2 on the upper right, another 2 on the lower right, and 1's in both left positions, you would enter 12211 in the "solve" box.