Fragment Skills – 14 shown
The fragments required to earn this fragment skill; after all required fragments are collected, you must speak to the Mystic to gain use of the fragment skill
Mog's Manifestation Talk to the Mystic for the first time
Mobile Mog Collect all fragments in Oerba -200 AF-, Oerba -300 AF-, and Oerba -400 AF- including 200 AF paradox ending
Bargain Hunter Complete episode 5
Haggler Talk to the Mystic for the first time
Chocobo Music Collect all Monster Bits and Bounty Hunter's Prize fragments
Anti-grav Jump Complete episode 5
Field Killer Collect all Academic Reward and Great Mog Wisdom fragments
Monster Collector Collect all fragments in Vile Peaks (all)
Encounter Master Collect all fragments in Yaschas Massif (all)
Battlemania Collect Academic Rank: Paradox Professor fragment
Rolling in CP Collect all fragments in Bresha Ruins (all) and Yaschas Massif (all)
Eyes of the Goddess Collect all fragments in New Bodhum -003 AF-, Bresha Ruins -005 AF-, Yaschas Massif -010 AF-, Yaschas Massif -01X AF-, Oerba -200 AF-, and Sunleth Waterscape -300 AF-
Clock Master Collect all fragments
Paradox Scope Obtain the Paradox Scope fragment