Passive Abilities – 115 shown
Monster abilities can only be learned by tamed monsters; exclusive abilities are limited to a small number of rare accessories or weapons
If a chocobo has this passive ability, it will have the listed race ability associated with it while engaging in chocobo races
Race Ability
Ally KO: Power Surge Blue Streak
ATB Advantage Sprinter
ATB Gauge +1 -
ATB Rate Reduced -
ATB Rate Bonus -
Attack: ATB Charge Perseverance
Augment Maintenance -
Auto Enaero -
Auto Enfire -
Auto Enfrost -
Auto Enthunder -
Auto-Bravery Free Spirit
Auto-Faith Free Spirit
Auto-Haste Free Spirit
Auto-Protect Perseverance
Auto-Shell Perseverance
Auto-Tetradefense Free Spirit
Auto-Veil Perseverance
Auto-Vigilance Free Spirit
Bonus CP Health Nut
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