Areas: Found in The Archylte Steppe -??? AF- – 1 shown
DLC areas are only available if you have the relevant content
Time Period
Whether Chocolina can be found selling items in this area
What type of chocobo, if any, is available for riding in this area
The Archylte Steppe The Archylte Steppe -??? AF- No -
Fragments: Found in The Archylte Steppe -??? AF- – 1 shown
Paradox ending fragments are earned by finding hidden endings in the game
The amount of CP earned after obtaining this fragment
Transcript: A Giant Mistake Paradox Ending 10,000
Items of Interest: Found in The Archylte Steppe -??? AF- – 1 shown
What type of item of interest this is; the data displayed in the 'Point of Interest' column depends on the type
Details on this particular item of interest; certain types have special information; live triggers will provide the (humorous) responses that allow you to earn special live trigger rewards; cinematic actions will display the button commands entered for that action
Point of Interest
Area Notes
Fragment Transcript: A Giant Mistake (10,000 CP) - Enter the time period to view this ending