Relics – 28 shown
Relics are powerful and unique treasures; parts of Vlad are special relics required to complete the inverted castle
The area of the castle where this relic is found; names in bold italics indicate areas of the inverted castle
Area Found
Bat Card Alchemy Laboratory Summons "Bat" familiar
Cube of Zoe Entrance Causes items to materialize
Demon Card Abandoned Mine Summons "Devil" familiar
Echo of Bat Olrox's Quarters Use radar as Bat
Eye of Vlad Cave 1 of 5 Treasures. LCK +10
Faerie Card Long Library Summons "Faerie" familiar
Faerie Scroll Long Library Displays enemy's name
Fire of Bat Clock Tower Shoot fireballs as Bat
Force of Echo Reverce Caverns Attack with radar waves
Form of Mist Colosseum Transform into Mist
Gas Cloud Floating Catacombs Transform into poisonous cloud
Ghost Card Castle Keep Summons "Ghost" familiar
Gravity Boots Marble Gallery Wearer can jump high
Heart of Vlad Anti-Chapel 1 of 5 Treasures. Avoid Curse.
Holy Symbol Underground Caverns Protection while underwater
Jewel of Open Long Library Can open locked blue doors
Leap Stone Castle Keep Wearer can do double jump
Merman Statue Underground Caverns Summons the oarsman
Power of Mist Castle Keep Extends Mist transform time
Power of Wolf Entrance Run swiftly as Wolf
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