Elemental Vulnerability
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Physical Magic
Resistant Normal Weakness Weakness Normal Weakness Halved Halved
Status Vulnerability
Deprotect Deshell Slow Imperil Poison Pain Fog Daze Curse Provoke
70% 70% 100% 70% Immune 70% 70% 100% 70% 10%
Missions: Involving Cryptos – 1 shown
Number Name
A-class missions are the toughest, while D-class missions are the easiest
Where the Cie'th stone for this mission can be found; some missions in the Faultwarrens can be started from multiple different maps
Cie'th Stone Location
The target mark for this mission; if the mark is accompanied by any other monsters, these will be indicated on the mission page
The map on which the mark can be found
Mark Location
The reward obtained the first time you complete the mission; a secondary reward is given instead each time the mission is repeated
After a mission has been completed once, each subsequent completion of the mission will grant a number of components as a reward
Secondary Reward
Once you have completed at least two missions started at a waystone, you may freely teleport between the stones of any waystone missions you've completed; completing the mission associated with a paling stone will result in a barrier on the world map being removed, allowing access to a new area
Stone Type
22 Infernal Machine C Taejin's TowerSecond Tier Ambling Bellows Taejin's TowerSecond Tier Particle Accelerators Electrodes Normal