Status Effects – 29 shown
Negative status effects are harmful, while beneficial status effects help the recipient in some way
The opposed status effect; if this status is in effect and its opposed effect is caused, it will negate and overwrite the original effect
Whether this is a negative status ailment or a positive status effect; positive effects are not resisted
The item that cures this status ailment, if any
Cured With
Debrave Bravery Negative -
Defaith Faith Negative -
Deprotect Protect Negative -
Deshell Shell Negative -
Slow Haste Negative -
Imperil - Negative Wax
Poison - Negative Antidote
Pain - Negative Painkiller
Fog - Negative Mallet
Daze - Negative Foul Liquid
Curse Vigilance Negative Holy Water
Death - Negative Phoenix Down
Dispel - Negative -
Provoke - Negative -
Bravery Debrave Positive -
Faith Defaith Positive -
Protect Deprotect Positive -
Shell Deshell Positive -
Haste Slow Positive -
Vigilance Curse Positive -
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