Key Items – 31 shown
Eidolith key items grant a party member access to an eidolon; retail network key items open up shops that can be accessed from any save point
Key items are unique items that must be found
The first chapter in which the key item can be found
Miscellaneous Grav-con Unit 1
Miscellaneous Datalog 1
Miscellaneous Survival Knife 1
Miscellaneous Serah's Tear 3
Miscellaneous Com Unit 7
Miscellaneous Omni-kit 4
Eidolith Odin Eidolith 4
Eidolith Shiva Eidolith 3
Eidolith Brynhildr Eidolith 8
Eidolith Alexander Eidolith 11
Eidolith Hecatoncheir Eidolith 11
Eidolith Bahamut Eidolith 10
Retail Network Unicorn Mart 1
Retail Network Eden Pharmaceuticals 12
Retail Network Up in Arms 3
Retail Network Plautus's Workshop 7
Retail Network Gilgamesh, Inc. 11
Retail Network B&W Outfitters 2
Retail Network Magical Moments 5
Retail Network Moogleworks 10
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