Armor: Which Resists Lightning – 3 shown
Unique armors can only be found as treasure or in other limited fashions; rare armors can also be dropped by or charmed from non-boss monsters; starting armors are weak but cannot be found except when given to new party members
The base bonus to physical defense granted by this armor weapon; the higher this number, the less damage a character takes from normal attacks
The status ailments this armor prevents, or the status benefits it grants
The cost to buy this armor in a shop, if it is available for sale; some armor can be earned in trade rather than bought
The value of an armor when sold to a shop; not all armor can be sold
Description Equipped By
White Mail Armor 70 - - 4,100 G Absorbs "Lightning" hits Any Character
White Vest Armor 45 - - 2,900 G Absorbs 50% of "Lightning" hits Any Character
R'bow Helm Helmet 35 - - 8,000 G Cuts "Lightning" hits by 50% Any Character