Hints – 18 shown
Type Hint
The price at which a bartender or oracle will give this hint; bartenders give the highest-priced hint of the amount you pay or less
Pub Ambrosia, ever heard of it? 10 gold
Pub Dawn, the city of myths & magic! 20 gold
Pub EXODUS: Ultima ]I[ which is next? Now could it be. 80 gold
Pub Fountains fair & fountains foul all are found in dungeons bowel 70 gold
Oracle Learn their use in Devil Guard or death you'll surely bring. 300 gold
Pub Nasty creatures, nasty dark, sure thee ready, fore thee embark 40 gold
Pub None return or so I'm told, from the pool, dark and cold! 50 gold
Oracle Of marks I say there are but 4 of fire, force, snake & king. 200 gold
Pub Seek ye out the Lord of Time, and the one way is a sure find! 90 gold
Pub Shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength, all are lost into the brink! 60 gold
Oracle Shrines there are again but 4 to which you go and pray. 400 gold
Oracle The cards their suits do number 4, called Sol Moon, Death and Love. 600 gold
Pub The conjunction of the moons finds link! 30 gold
Oracle Their uses are inumerable and clues throughout I say. 500 gold
Oracle There seek out the Lord of Time to help you if he cares.' 900 gold
Oracle To aid thee in thy cryptic search, to dungeons thou must fare. 800 gold
Oracle Unto the Montors thou must go for guidance from above. 700 gold
Oracle you'll learn of marks & Playing cards & hidden holy shrines. 100 gold